• Bird Nesting Ball

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      This natural nesting ball is made from 4″ bamboo ball and raw wool from my small flock of pampered sheep. This ball provides warm wool for birds to build their nests with.

      Even if the wool gets wet, it will dry and become fluffy again. Birds will discover the natural bedding material and pull out small tufts of fiber as needed. Ready to hang and tied with decorative ribbon.

      Makes a great gift for birders, nature lovers and garden enthusiasts! Ready to hang; simply pull small amounts of fiber out through the vines and it’s ready for the birds. I provide FREE wool for the ball to be refilled when it is empty.

      Plum Blossom Farm is unique because all of the animals have a forever home here. Unlike other sheep farms, no animals are ever sold to slaughter when they are done being “useful”. All our critters are sweet individuals and each one is like a family member to us. Thanks so much for supporting compassionate small farms!

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    Weight .3 lbs
    Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in


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